The #1 key to online shopping conversion is not what you think

September 2023 | CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The #1 key to online shopping conversion is not what you think

There's one key to achieving conversion rates that rival those of the in-store experience.

Online shopping has recast the way we purchase goods and services, providing consumers with unprecedented convenience and choice. But there's one key to achieving conversion rates that rival those of the in-store experience, and it's not keywords, promotions, payment plans, normalized data, AI, product videos, or multi-faceted search.  It's live video calls between salespeople and customers. Live video calls enable customers to speak with a knowledgeable salesperson who can provide customized advice and help them find the right product for their needs. This can help build purchase confidence, as customers can ask questions and receive personalized shopping advice without having to visit the store. By leveraging the power of live video calls, merchants can bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences and drive higher conversion. 

Live video enable customers to speak with a knowledgeable salesperson and build purchase confidence

Understanding the Challenge of Online Selling 

Around 76% of U.S. adults shop online, but online selling presents unique challenges for merchants. Without the ability to physically interact with products or receive in-person guidance from salespeople, customers may struggle to make confident purchasing decisions. This can result in cart abandonment that lowers sales conversion and decreases Average Order Value (AOV). Additionally, building personal, "real"ationships with customers becomes more difficult, because without associating a face with a brand, all you have left is a page full of products without an advocate. However, by leveraging live video calls, retailers and brands can overcome these challenges. Through individualized demonstrations, consultations, and product recommendations, salespeople can communicate and connect with customers, addressing their concerns, fulfilling their desires, and boosting their purchase confidence. This not only improves sales conversion rates but also enhances the lifetime value of customers. 


The Key to Improving Sales Conversion Rates 

The key to improving sales conversion rates in remote selling lies in understanding how to use live video calls. It starts with obtaining initial information that defines customer interest, gathered from a brief pre-call questionnaire. It continues with salespeople establishing a rapport with the customer,  serving as a valuable guide during a live video call. They listen. Respond. Advise. Demonstrate. Recommend and provide practical insight that's often missing from product pages on a website. Salespeople are the key to conversion because they also humanize product selection.  Why? Because they can relate their own experiences and share insightful stories of others – often in the form of information – without even knowing that they just provided a customer with particularly beneficial and influential insight. By connecting salespeople with customers through video, merchants create more options to drive conversion than through e-commerce alone – by making emotional connections with customers. 

Live selling reduces cart abandonment and increases sales conversion and AOV   

Bringing the In-Person Shopping Experience to Online Customers 

According to a Think With Google study, 60% of shoppers begin their shopping journeys online. With live video calls, merchants can bring the in-person shopping experience to online customers. Through these calls, salespeople can provide not only personalized assistance but also showcase products up close and answer any questions customers may have. This allows customers to virtually experience the products, replicating the in-store feel from the comfort of their own homes. By offering this level of interaction, businesses can bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping, creating a more immersive and satisfying experience for customers. The result? Higher conversion rates and happier, more confident customers. 


Building Personal Relationships with Customers through Live Video Calls 

One of the challenges of online shopping is the difficulty in building personal relationships with customers. However, live video calls provide a solution to this problem. By engaging in conversations with customers, salespeople can establish a connection and create a more personalized shopping experience. It works so well that Parla customers report that customers prefer to reconnect with the same salesperson each time they shop online. It makes sense because each time they connect, they learn something new, in the same way people develop friendships.  With each conversation, they uncover more about customers' preferences, needs, and desires, and can tailor their recommendations accordingly. This personalized interaction helps build trust and rapport, fostering a stronger relationship between merchants and customers. With live video calls, merchants can go beyond just selling products and instead create meaningful connections with their customers. 


Overcoming Objections and Closing Deals with Live Video Calls 

Live video calls provide salespeople with the opportunity to overcome objections and close deals in a way that traditional online shopping experiences cannot. Through these calls, salespeople can address any concerns or hesitations customers may have in real-time, providing personalized solutions and information that can help alleviate doubts. Additionally, the visual aspect of video calls allows salespeople to demonstrate the value and benefits of products in a more engaging and convincing manner. By leveraging live video calls, businesses can effectively address objections and increase the likelihood of closing deals, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales. 


Written By: Parla